4 Reasons Why Cheek Fillers Are Perfect For You

freshmedicalspa_4 Reasons Why Cheek Fillers Are Perfect For You

Here are 4 reasons why non-surgical cheek augmentation with cheek fillers is the perfect way to get a more youthful look.

Reason #1: Facial Volume Loss Can Be Taxing On Your Self Confidence. Cheek Fillers Are Your Solution.

Looking in the mirror and not seeing your best self can be taxing on your self-confidence. If you have ever suffered from droopy cheeks, double chin, jowls, and fine lines and wrinkles, then facial enhancements have crossed your mind. With the advancement of procedures, it may seem as if everyone has chiseled jawlines and perfect cheekbones. Although they look natural, such sculptured profiles are most likely the result of chin, jaw, and cheek augmentations using either implants or fillers. Our team at Fresh Aesthetics offers numerous options for non-surgical facial enhancements. Upon your consultation, we will discuss alternatives to help you get the results you are looking for. We offer both Juvéderm® Voluma and Restylane® Lyft dermal fillers to help you regain the confidence you desire and deserve in your skin.

Reason #2: Cheek Fillers Provide Younger-Looking Skin Without Downtime.

Yes, you heard us correctly! Non-surgical, no problem. Our Fresh Aesthetics team is here to address all your needs. Understandably, most of us want to have a more defined facial structure. When your chin lacks projection or your jawline isn’t as defined as it once was, it creates the appearance of heavy cheeks, double chins, and jowls. Thankfully with the advancement of aesthetics, we can solve our problems. Dermal fillers are a fantastic way to reshape and enhance the appearance of the lower face without the lengthy downtime and recovery associated with surgery. This is perfect for those who have busy schedules, or have an important event they need to attend. Enhance your look without compromising a good time. 

Reason #3: Cheek Filler Juvéderm® Voluma, The Solution For Sagging Skin.

With age comes sagging skin; with the Juvéderm® Voluma formula comes a solution. Despite your best efforts to stay on the healthy track, diet and exercise are just not enough. It sometimes seems that getting rid of time’s pesky imperfections is near impossible. As our skin begins its downward droop, it’s comforting to know that recent advances in medicine have led to numerous anti-aging options. Better yet, many of these options are non-surgical. The Juvéderm® Voluma dermal filler is natural hyaluronic acid (HA), a compound typically found in the body. Its gel-like property allows it to comfortably lift and reshape your trouble areas without fear of irritation or damage. Age may be irreversible, but flawless skin and elegant features can be achieved at any time.

Reason #4: Increasing Your Skin’s Volume With Restylane® Lyft Cheek Fillers.

Restylane® Lyft is a precise gel formulation of hyaluronic acid designed to act like your body’s naturally produced hyaluronic acid. From adding volume and fullness to facial wrinkles, to lip augmentation and correcting volume loss in the hands, cheek augmentation, correction of facial contour deficiencies, as well as the treatment of facial folds, such as smile lines, this specialized filler integrates with your skin to help you look younger while maintaining your natural range of facial expressions. Restylane® provides natural-looking results while smoothing away wrinkles and adding volume. If you are ready to get back the vibrant skin of your youth, contact us today to learn more!

Your Problems, Our Solutions

You deserve the luxury of loving and embracing your skin at every age. Everyone deserves to love what they see when they look in the mirror. Enhancements of your cheek, chin, and jawline can change your overall appearance. In that case, our staff can’t wait to put our years of experience successfully performing aesthetic procedures to work for you in Twin Falls, ID. To learn more about Restylane® Lyft, Juvéderm® Voluma, and other ways to help you fight facial volume loss, schedule your comprehensive consultation by calling (208) 358-3637. Our Fresh Aesthetics team is here to help.

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