Dull Skin

“Dull-looking” is a phrase often used to describe a complexion that is lacking in color and tone. You may have dull skin if you’ve ever looked in the mirror and noticed signs of aging and crepey skin texture. Having a dull skin tone can have a negative effect on your self-esteem. If you find your skin tone lacking in youthful radiance, getting in touch with our Twin Falls center might be just what you need. At Fresh Aesthetic, we offer FREE consultations for those interested in exploring our options before committing to a treatment.


How Does Dull Skin Develop?

dulling of skin tone develops for a number of reasons, the most common being aging. As we grow older, our skin’s ability to renew surface cells slows down dramatically. This causes a buildup of dead skin cells that take away from the rosy, pink tone of our cheeks. Additionally, having dry skin, struggling with stress, and not taking off your makeup before bed can all contribute to the gradual dulling of your complexion.

What Are the Signs?

The meaning of dull skin is often lost on those unaware of its signs. Symptoms of dull-looking skin include excessive brown spots, fine lines, a dry skin texture, and a loss of youthful color. If any of these signs sound familiar, don’t worry, there is help available! At Fresh Aesthetics, we will take the time to evaluate your skin and determine the best treatment course.

Dull Skin Treatment Options

At Fresh Aesthetics, we offer a range of different treatment options to address your dull skin symptoms. The treatments we provide are individualized to fit your specific skin needs. At our Twin Falls center, we understand that your concerns are unique to you and will only offer you treatments that we know to be suitable. Some of our most common treatment options include:

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