Forever Clear BBL™ Acne Treatment

Forever Clear BBL™ Acne Treatment

Our individual needs should always be considered when it comes to our skin. It can sometimes feel like we are just getting the same methodical treatment even though we have unique skin types that require a higher level of care. Thankfully, at Fresh Aesthetics, we want to ensure that you receive the best care possible for your unique skin care needs. We offer Forever Clear BBL™ acne treatment to help lessen enlarged pores, resolve active acne breakouts, and help you rejuvenate your overall skin clarity. 

What Are The Benefits of Forever Clear BBL™?

Struggling with acne an active breakout can weigh heavy on our self-confidence. Lucky for us, there are always new and innovative ways the aesthetics community helps us achieve our long-term goals. Forever Clear BBL™ can be an excellent option for both teens and adults living with active acne. The Forever Clear treatment can be performed on most body areas, with the most common treatment sites being the face, neck, and back.

Those who select this treatment option may experience the following benefits:

Forever Clear BBL™ in Twin Falls, ID
Everyone has different needs and desires that are unique to each individual. At Fresh Aesthetics, we want to help you win the battle against constant active breakouts. We can’t wait to put our years of experience successfully performing aesthetic procedures to work for you. To learn more about Forever Clear BBL™ and other ways to help you resolve your current skin needs, schedule your comprehensive consultation by calling (208) 358-3637. We look forward to speaking with you!


Forever Clear BroadBand Light (BBL™) therapy is a non-invasive acne treatment. This effective treatment option is typically pain-free and has minimal downtime. Men and women suffering from acne can often obtain significant improvement in their skin when they utilize Forever Clear BBL™ as part of their acne treatment therapy. This laser-based procedure treats the root cause of acne to clear breakouts without the need for medicines or creams. If this sounds like something you desire and are ready to take back control of your skin, contact us today to learn more.
Forever Clear BBL™ is a cutting-edge acne treatment that uses the power of light to comfortably and effectively clear acne without creams or medicine. BBL is the FDA-approved, world’s most powerful IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) device delivering light energy deep into your skin to stimulate and regenerate your skin cells, leaving you with clear, healthy, radiant skin. The procedure may take from several minutes to half an hour, depending on the treatment area and the type of the procedure. The procedure is delicate, non-invasive, and safe. Using a local anesthetic cream is unnecessary, but your specialist may advise its application in more sensitive areas.

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