Lash and Brow Services

Plucking, tweezing, and applying makeup can only get you so far sometimes. Besides, working on your lashes and brows every morning can quickly become tedious! If you’re looking for a way to enhance your lashes professionally, without the hassle of doing it yourself, Fresh Aesthetics is here to help. Our lash and brow services feature lash tinting, extensions, lifts, and more. Curious? Get in touch with our Twin Falls medical spa today and set up your FREE consultation to discuss all of our options.


What Are Lash and Brow Services?

Lash and brow services are treatments geared toward enhancing your look. Whether you want to address short eyelashes or simply want an intensive brow tint, we’ve got you covered. When you arrive at our medical spa, we will take the time to evaluate your look and determine the best options to help your natural beauty shine.

The Lash and Brow Services Available at Fresh Aesthetics

At Fresh Aesthetics, we offer a range of lash and brow services to fit your every need! Our treatments are administered with the greatest precision and care to help you get the results you want. No downtime is required following your appointment and the procedures are performed to minimize discomfort. Our services include:

  • Lash Tint – $20
  • Brow Tint – $20
  • Brow & Lash Tint – $35
  • Lash Lift – $60
  • Lash Lift & Tint – $75
  • Lashes
    • Full Set: Classic – $120
      • Hybrid – $130
      • Volume – $140
    • Fill: Classic – $35
      • Hybrid – $40
      • Volume – $45
Close-up on a woman's brow and lashes

Are These Treatments Safe?

Our lash and brow services are completely safe and can offer long-lasting results that you’re certain to love! Sessions take anywhere from 30-90 minutes to perform. During this time, we will do everything possible to make you feel at ease. Our services do not require any post-procedure downtime and are generally described as tolerable.

What Results Can I Expect?

Most of our lash and brow tints last between 3-8 weeks. However, your face scrub, and how frequently you wash your eyes will make a difference in the duration of your treatment. For long-term brow/lash tint results, we will happily provide you with post-treatment instructions. Schedule your consultation today and discover a fabulous, new you!

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