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There’s nothing like a nice massage after a long day at work! You deserve to take it easy, so why not treat yourself? At Fresh Aesthetics, we offer relaxing massage services to help you unwind and de-stress. If you’re struggling with excess stress, anxiety, fatigue, or muscle aches, our massages can help you realign your system and feel great again. If you’re wondering which service is best for you, we welcome you to schedule a FREE consultation today. We will take the time to go over our options and find the best one to suit your specific needs.


The Massage Services Available at Fresh Aesthetics

Swedish Massage 

Swedish massages are virtually synonymous with massage therapy. These massages are based on Western concepts of anatomy and physiology. Using lotion or oil, we will typically begin with broad general strokes and then transition to specific strokes to address problem areas. The five basic strokes we will utilize include:

  • Effleurage (long smooth strokes)
  • Petrissage (kneading, rolling, and lifting)
  • Friction (wringing or small circular movements)
  • Tapotement (percussion)
  • Vibration (rocking and shaking movements)

Swedish massages provide full-body muscle relaxation and can be especially helpful if you’re recovering from an injury. These massages can improve blood flow to the skin and muscles, easing tension. Additionally, they can offer generalized relaxation, improve circulation, lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and enhances your overall state of health.

Aromatherapy Massage

An aromatherapy massage is a Swedish massage with scented plant oils (known as essential oils) infused into the massage oil. These essential oils are extracted from flowers and other plant parts and offer a pleasing scent. The main benefit of these oils is their believed healing properties. Lavender and rose, for instance, are known to promote relaxation. Although oils may be selected to address specific needs, we typically use pre-blended oils to help you relax, energize, or feel uplifted.

The soothing effects of aromatherapy massages can be beneficial for addressing a variety of conditions, including headaches, insomnia, certain digestive disorders, back pain, and even premenstrual symptoms. Before receiving an aromatherapy massage, we will work with you to make sure you’re not allergic to any of the plants used in the oils, since they may cause a reaction on the skin.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massages are a focused, therapeutic option that targets muscle knots (also known as “adhesions”) and specific problem areas in the deeper layers of your muscles and connective tissue. During these massages, we use deliberate, slow strokes, and friction across the grain of your muscles. This process allows us to address chronically tight or painful muscles, repetitive strain, postural problems, and injuries.

This type of massage is particularly beneficial for people with chronic pain or lingering injuries that cause limited mobility. It’s effective in treating repetitive stress injuries such as tennis elbow or carpal tunnel syndrome and can be helpful in reducing the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

Back massage

Hot Stone Massage

As the name implies, a hot stone massage involves the use of warm stones. During the procedure, we will place heated, smooth stones on specific points on your body along with holding warm stones while performing the massage. The stones are usually basalt (a volcanic rock that retains heat well). The massage will feel like you’re being caressed by the smoothest (rollerball-like) hands, but also being scorched by them for a “Yeeooowwww!….Ahhhhh” effect. A hot stone massage is relaxing and also more invigorating than your run-of-the-mill massage, thanks to the almost-too-much heat bringing you back to focus on the moment instead of letting you drift off. The heat helps release the tension in your back and shoulders, so those muscles can be worked on more effectively.

Please note: If you have certain medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, or varicose veins, you should check with your primary health care provider before getting a hot stone massage. Likewise, if you take any blood-thinning medication, be sure to get a medical opinion first.

Pregnancy Massage

Also known as prenatal massage, a pregnancy massage is customized to fit the needs of expectant mothers and can promote relaxation. Since many pregnant women suffer from lower back pain and swollen ankles especially in the later months, a prenatal massage is a relatively safe, drug-free way to provide relief. 

Massage therapists who have received specialized training and are certified in prenatal massage know how to position and support the woman’s body during the massage, modify techniques, and avoid certain areas and techniques during pregnancy.


Like having your feet worked on? This massage involves the use of finger pressure and techniques such as kneading and rubbing to promote relaxation and healing. Reflexology is based on “reflex areas” on the hands and feet, whose energy is believed to be connected to organs and other body parts. By applying pressure to your reflex points, we can balance your nervous system and stimulate endorphins, the body’s natural pleasure response, which reduces stress and discomfort.

Reflexology dates back to ancient civilizations but was refined by American physiotherapist Eunice Ingram in the 1930s. This can be a deeply relaxing therapy, especially if you stand all day or have tired, achy feet. During the massage, you will remove your shoes and socks but otherwise remain clothed.

Sports Massage

Sports massages are designed to prevent and treat injuries, improve flexibility, and enhance athletic performance. These massages are used by athletes of all abilities to prepare for or recover from athletic or sports events. However, even if you aren’t an athlete, sports massage may help ease muscle pain and improve restricted motion range.

The idea behind sports massage is to manipulate the body’s soft tissues and focus on certain muscle groups depending on which sport you play. This type of massage can help with increased blood flow, increased range of motion, and increased flexibility.

In sports massage, the strokes are generally faster than a typical Swedish massage. Over the course of the massage, we may also include compression, pressure point therapy, friction, and joint mobilization.


Cupping Therapy is used to decompress and release adhesions, scar tissue, relax muscles in spasm, decrease trigger point pain, lymphatic drainage, decrease tissue changes, and inflammation.


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