What Are Lash And Brow Treatments? Is It Safe?

What Are Lash And Brow Treatments Is It Safe

Lash and brow treatments are beauty procedures that offer different options to enhance the appearance of eyebrows or eyelashes. The primary purpose is to make them appear firmer, thicker, darker, and fuller. With salons now offering a variety of procedures, it is essential to ask your lash professional to disclose information about their training and experience to understand the risks and safety for your peace of mind.

Why Is Patch Test Needed?

A patch test is carried out at least 48 hours before treatment, and this is done to see if the clients have any allergic reactions to the products that will be used during the treatment. A response may still occur, even with a test.

What Are The Common Lash And Brow Treatments?

  • Tinting: During this 15-minute procedure, semi-permanent dye is painted onto the eyebrows or eyelashes to make them appear thicker, darker, and fuller. The color lasts for about three to six weeks.
  • Eyebrow microblading: Microblading is also known as eyebrow tattooing, micro feathering, or microshading. The permanent pigment is tattooed into the skin using a needle mounted on a small handheld tool. The procedure takes one to two hours and costs several hundred dollars. The effects last for years.
  • Eyebrow lamination: This chemical treatment takes less than 1 hour and does not involve needles or semi-permanent dye. Instead, a perming cream is brushed into the eyebrows to sculpt the hair into a more desirable shape. The procedure costs less than $100, and the effects last several weeks.
  • Eyelash perm: During an eyelash perm, the lashes are coated with an adhesive and curled around rollers. Chemical solutions are then applied to the lashes to create a long-lasting curl. The procedure costs less than $100, takes about 45 minutes, and the effects last one to two months.
  • Eyelash Tint: Many options are available when choosing what color to dye the natural lashes. The tint is applied from root to tip, leaving lashes looking and feeling thicker, darker, and longer, lasting 4-6 weeks. Patch test required.
  • Eyelash lift: An eyelash lift, often combined with an eyelash tint, involves combing eyelashes into a silicone shield and holding them there with adhesive while a chemical lotion is applied to break down the protein in each eyelash and encourage it to grow upward instead of outward. The results last about six to eight weeks and cost around $100 per session.
  • Lash filler, or lash lamination is a treatment that not only lifts and curls the lashes but will also improve the condition and health of the natural lash. Thanks to specially developed products that can penetrate the hair structure and work from the inside for up to 8 weeks. Patch test required.
  • Waxing. Hairs are removed from the follicles using Hot Wax, and hairs grow back finer and softer the more the wax, typically lasting 4-6 weeks. This treatment is unsuitable for anyone undergoing chemical peels or using Retinol/Retinal. Sensitive skin can react to waxing; if the person is uncertain, a patch test can be done before treatment.

How To Prepare For The Last And Brow Treatments?

A patch test for tinting and perming procedures is required 24 – 48 hours before treatment if a first-time appointment, if it has been longer than six months since the last treatment, or if any medical circumstances have changed.

  • Avoid wearing mascara for 24 hrs before a Lash Lift appointment. If wearing waterproof mascara, it is best to avoid wearing it three days prior.
  • Avoid drinking coffee and other liquids.
  • Prepare music or a podcast on the phone to help keep you relaxed and entertained.
  • Clean the lashes and eye area free from all makeup products (this takes up precious treatment time if not done beforehand)
  • If wearing contact lenses, remove these before the appointment and bring glasses instead since they can’t be worn for 24hrs.

 During The Treatment

  • Limit talking.
  • Remember to remain still during the treatment, and be mindful that sharp tweezers, dyes, and glue are used around the eyes.
  • If needing to sneeze or tend to that annoying itch, raise your hand, and all hazards can quickly be moved out of the way.

What Are The Possible Side Effects?

Apparently, not all treatments are for everyone. Please check the contraindications list to make sure disappointments can be avoided.

  • Cuts/Abrasions
  • Scar tissue (6 months minor operation, two years major operation)
  • Bruising/Swelling
  • Sunburn
  • Undiagnosed Lumps/Bump
  • Hypersensitive skin
  • Blepharitis
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Style
  • Swelling/Bruising
  • Watery eye

What Are The Aftercare Instructions To Follow?

After the Appointment

 For the first 12 hours, avoid the following:

  • Touching or rubbing the lashes/brows to prevent skin infection
  • Applying makeup or perfumed products on the treated area to prevent infection

For the first 24 hours, avoid the following:

  • Direct contact and running water on the lashes/brows, especially water jets on a shower
  • Swimming, hot steam, or saunas

For the first 48 hours, avoid the following:

  • Sunbeds and UV exposure
  • Using fake tan

 For the first 72 hours, avoid the following:

  • Exfoliating on or around the treated area
  • Facial treatments like microdermabrasion
  • Products containing AHA’s or Glycolic
  • Prolong the treatment
  • Use water-based eye makeup remover and avoid any oil-based products in general around the treated area.
  • Avoid waterproof mascara, as often one needs an oil-based remover to get it off, which can cause the lash Lift to straighten and damage the curl.
  • Don’t rub your eyes or pull on your lashes.
  • Lie on the back while sleeping and invest in a silk pillowcase.
  • Invest in a pair of goggles to wear in the bath or shower
  • Clean the lashes with a specially formulated product that will cleanse the eye area without breaking down the products used during the treatment
  • Use daily care products recommended by the lash technician to prolong the treatment and promote hair growth.

The Bottom Line

Lash, and brow treatments have become one of the new big trends as it offers different options to help enhance natural lashes and brows. Fresh Aesthetics offers a range of lash and brow services to fit your every need. Furthermore, their treatments are administered with the most incredible precision and care to help you get the results you want. 


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