Have you heard of the diamond glow facial? It’s a type of facial treatment that uses diamonds to cleanse your face and give it a healthy glow. While this may sound like an expensive gimmick, it turns out that diamonds can be good for your skin as well! 

Who Is It For?

The Diamond Glow Facial is for everyone! It’s not just for super-sensitive skin types; it can also be a gentle exfoliant to eliminate dead skin cells and refine pores.

It’s also great for oily or combination skin since it contains a blend of alpha hydroxy acids that helps clear away excess oil and impurities while soothing redness caused by rosacea or inflammation.

The Diamond Glow Facial works well on all skin types, including sensitive ones like mine (which I’ve written about here). I have never experienced any irritation after using this treatment, even on my sensitive neck area, where most products irritate me within seconds.

What is DiamondGlow?

Diamond Glow is a facial that uses diamond powder to exfoliate your skin. The diamond powder is made of crushed diamonds, mined in Botswana, and polished into the finest quality. It’s used in the most luxurious spas worldwide and has been known to slough off dead skin cells.

Diamond Glow includes dusting on all areas of your face, then massaging it into your pores with an exfoliating brush before rinsing off with warm water or steam, depending on what type of treatment you’re getting (you can find out more about our offerings here).

What are the Expected Results?

A diamond glow facial is a treatment that uses a diamond-shaped brush. It’s ideal for people with oily or sensitive skin because it removes excess oil without being too harsh on your face.

Here are the immediate results of getting DiamondGlow Facial:

  • Redness is reduced.
  • Fine lines and wrinkles are softened.
  • Pores appear smaller.
  • Clarity and radiance are improved.
  • You can also expect a smoother texture—your face will be firmer than before!

Long-Term Results

  • After the first treatment, you’ll see results immediately. The Diamond Glow Facial is designed to moisturize and even tone skin while removing blemishes so that people with all skin types can use it.
  • After the second treatment, your complexion will continue to improve—it’s like a spa treatment that lasts for weeks! As a bonus: You’ll notice some of your acne scars fading away too!
  • The third treatment will help you achieve more noticeable results than before (and after). Your skin will get softer and smoother than ever before—these are just some of the benefits of this revolutionary product!

Short-Term Results

  • Skin will appear brighter and more radiant.
  • Skin will feel softer, smoother, and firmer.
  • Your skin will look younger as it appears to glow from within. The effect is temporary as the diamond glow fades away in about one month – but you’ll still have that youthful glow for longer than you would if using an ordinary facial cream!

How Long Does it Take?

A diamond glow facial is a treatment that can be done at home and is beneficial for all skin types. It involves exfoliation, extraction of blackheads and whiteheads, deep cleansing, and hydration. The treatment lasts around 30 minutes, but you can book in advance as it’s popular with busy people looking for instant results!

You should expect some redness after the treatment, but this will fade quickly with continued use of your products (your choice). You’ll also notice that your pores appear smaller when compared to normal due to the removal of excess sebum from within them – this is called “tightening.”

Benefits of Diamond Glow Facial

Smoother Skin

The diamond glow facial is a powerful treatment that can help to smooth skin and refine pores, clear complexion and reduce hyperpigmentation.

  • Masks impurities on the skin by removing dead cells
  • The diamond seal technology makes your facial mask last longer than most other products today.
  • It contains active ingredients that are proven effective in treating different types of acne, including blackheads, whiteheads, cystic acne, and inflammatory pimples.

Refined Pores

The Diamond Glow Facial is a noninvasive treatment that uses diamond powder. This can help reduce the appearance of large pores, blackheads, and fine lines for a fresher look.

Clearer Complexion

Diamond Glow Facial is a procedure designed to treat hyperpigmentation, which causes dark spots on the skin. It can also treat acne, rosacea, and melasma (a type of hyperpigmentation).

Diamond Glow Facial uses radio frequency energy to heat the skin so that it becomes slightly red and then cools down within seconds. This process causes collagen production in the face, thus, improving elasticity and reducing fine lines for younger-looking skin!

Reduced Appearance of Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is a condition that occurs when the body produces melanin, which causes the skin to be darker than usual. This can lead to patches of dark spots on your face, hands, or other areas of your body.

Diamond Glow Facial includes light-activated ingredients that can help reduce hyperpigmentation by gently exfoliating away dead skin cells and dirt. Over time this reduces the appearance of existing pigmentation in those areas where there may have been some left over from previous blemishes or sun exposure in other parts of your body!

An Even Skin Tone

Diamond Glow Facial is a noninvasive treatment that uses microdermabrasion to remove dead skin cells. This can help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and discoloration. Microdermabrasion also works on sun damage, so it’s an excellent way to fight signs of aging.

This treatment is ideal for anyone who wants a smoother complexion without using needles or injections!


Diamond Glow is an excellent option for those who want to revitalize their skin and have it glow! The diamond-shaped pads are designed to apply pressure on your face’s surface, stimulating blood flow and collagen production. 

Fresh Aesthetics Medical Spa is where you can feel beautiful and confident, no matter your age. We offer a full spectrum of skincare services, including facials, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and more. We are also certified by the DiamondGlow facial line, so you know we’re committed to bringing out your natural beauty—and making it last.



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