The unfortunate truth about hair loss is that not everyone can rock the bald look! Due to this, when bald spots begin to form, they tend to do a number on our self-esteem. While many over-the-counter “miracle cures” for hair loss exist, there is little agreement over what actually works. The good news is that while most of these questionable treatments rely on chemicals to promote hair growth, natural solutions exist as well. At Fresh Aesthetics, we offer effective PRP hair restoration treatments to help you address your concerns. Book a consultation today to find out if this treatment is right for you.


What Are Common Causes of Hair Loss?

Common causes for hair loss range from chronic stress to underlying illnesses. Your genetics can also play a huge role in determining whether or not you will go bald. Often, there is little we can do to completely prevent the hair loss process from starting. However, when it comes to hair growth for women and men alike, there are many options available. Stalling hair loss through ongoing treatment via PRP can help sustain your hair for a long, long time.

What Are the Signs?

Hair loss, regardless of its cause, often follows a similar pattern. Signs of alopecia include a gradual thinning on top of the head, the appearance of bald patches, and the sudden loosening of hair follicles. Other signs such as scaling might appear, but these are usually caused by underlying diseases such as ringworm. If you notice any of these common signs, don’t worry! Our PRP hair treatment can help you retain your current hair and may even stimulate new hair growth over time.

PRP Hair Restoration for Hair Loss

A PRP hair restoration treatment takes little time to perform. The procedure begins with us drawing a small sample of your blood, less than the amount you would give for a blood test. We then spin the sample in a centrifuge to isolate the plasma. The plasma is then placed into a solution that we inject directly into the vascular layer of your scalp. The whole session takes less than 15 minutes.

Hair Loss Treatment Consultations in Twin Falls, ID

Are you struggling with hair loss and do you long for an effective treatment? At Fresh Aesthetics, we proudly provide PRP treatments for the restoration of hair. If you’re interested in learning more, we welcome you to book a consultation to discuss this treatment today. To get started, click the “Book Now” button below or give us a call at 208-358-3637.



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