While hair growth on the body is natural, it often appears where it is not wanted, and when it does, shaving is only so effective. Shaving is a temporary solution to unwanted hair and comes with nicks, cuts, and the need to use razors and messy creams. We offer long-term, effective solutions to unwanted hair at Fresh Aesthetics.


Why Do I Have Unwanted Hair?

When it comes to unwanted hair, we are at the mercy of our hormones. The more androgen there is in our system, the thicker, darker, and more apparent our hair will be. Most of this hair will continue to grow back at the same rate no matter how many times you shave it. At Fresh Aesthetics, we offer laser hair removal, which puts the follicles to sleep, so that hair is eliminated and new hair does not grow for a long time. We can also provide waxing services, which is not quite as long term a solution, but can quickly remove a large amount of hair without the inconvenience or skin damage of shaving.

What Are Some of the Consequences?

Unwanted hair, especially when there is excessive hair growth, can be unsightly, but it also can create problems for sensitive skin, including ingrown hairs, itching, and redness. Laser hair removal can also help greatly with these issues.

Unwanted Hair Treatment Options

Our laser hair reduction methods provide long-term removal of hair with minimum discomfort and significant results, especially for those with darker, thicker hair. For those who wish to avoid lasers, we also offer waxing services, which can be fast and effective, although waxing may briefly be slightly more uncomfortable and does not last quite as long as laser hair reduction.

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Unwanted Hair Consultations in Twin Falls, ID

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