Hyperpigmentation is essentially a common form of skin discoloration. As we get older, an uneven skin tone tends to develop due to sun damage and other environmental factors. When this happens, certain patches of skin may become darker in color, giving you an uneven complexion. This darkening occurs when excess amounts of melanin (the brown pigment that produces skin color) form deposits in the skin. If you’re experiencing skin discoloration, our dedicated team at Fresh Aesthetics is here to help. Get in touch today and book your consultation to find the best treatment option for you.


How Does Hyperpigmentation Occur?

Hyperpigmentation happens when cells called melanocytes begin to produce too much pigment. Spots or patches on the skin’s surface are soon to follow when this occurs. Hyperpigmentation can appear anywhere and can be caused by inflammation, skin trauma, medications, cosmetics, and conditions like melasma. Acne is also a common method by which uneven skin tone can develop in younger people.

What Are the Signs?

Hyperpigmentation signs include uneven skin tone in the form of white, brown, or black patches. When uneven tone occurs due to acne, it is often accompanied by pimples and scarring that could give your skin a bumpy texture. Besides these physical signs, the least talked about side effect of having this condition is feeling less than beautiful. At Fresh Aesthetics, we want to help you reach your aesthetic goals through effective treatment and support.

Hyperpigmentation Treatment Options

We provide a range of treatment options to address your uneven skin tone concerns. The treatments offered at our center are customized based on your specific needs. When you visit us during your one-on-one consultation, we will work hard to understand your skin care needs and develop a treatment program to help meet them. Some of the most commonly requested treatments we offer include:

Photo of hyperpigmentation on a woman's shoulder

Hyperpigmentation Consultations in Twin Falls, ID

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