Hair loss is one of the biggest concerns men struggle with. Male pattern baldness, a condition where the hair follicles shrink and fall out is very common. In some cases, women may experience hair loss as well. Whether you’re a man or a woman, hair loss can be a real concern. While there are many purported treatments for hair loss, most methods seem to fall short. PRP hair restoration is a new approach to regaining your hair that uses the body’s own natural healing ability to help promote growth. If you’re interested, we welcome you to book a consultation today.


What Is PRP Hair Restoration?

PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma, which is a substance in your blood containing high levels of growth factor. This amazing treatment involves isolating the plasma in your blood and injecting it back into the target area. In the case of PRP hair restoration, we inject the plasma into your scalp to help increase blood flow to the follicles and enrich them naturally. This process will awaken your cells, causing them to produce more and thicker hair.*

What Does PRP Hair Restoration Address?

Although PRP can have beneficial effects on skin on other parts of the body, our PRP hair restoration process is designed specifically to restore and enhance hair growth on the scalp. This treatment is a great choice whether you’re losing your hair due to genetics or some other underlying factor. In the case of hair loss due to chronic illness, we will need to discuss the procedure and determine whether PRP is right for you before treatment.

How Does It Work?

Performing PRP hair restoration is simple and straightforward. We begin by drawing a small sample of your blood, less than the amount you would give for a blood test. We then spin the sample in a centrifuge to isolate the plasma. The separated platelets go into a solution that we inject directly into the vascular layer of your scalp. The whole procedure takes about 75 minutes to perform.

How Much Does It Cost?

At Fresh Aesthetics, our hair restoration treatments cost $600 but pricing is subject to change. Book your consultation or give us a call to get the most up-to-date pricing.

Photo of a happy man after PRP hair restoration treatments

What Kind of PRP Hair Treatment Results Can I Expect?

The amount of hair growth you can expect to see varies from patient to patient. We generally recommend that our clients get 3-4 monthly treatments at the outset and then come in for a follow-up consultation in 3-6 months. In some cases, a maintenance schedule of 1-2 upkeep treatments per year may be necessary to help you sustain your results.

Free PRP Hair Restoration Consultations in Twin Falls, ID

Hair loss doesn’t have to be a permanent problem! If you’ve noticed a little less hair up top, our team at Fresh Aesthetics can help! Schedule your consultation today by clicking the “Book Now” button or giving us a call at 208-358-3637. We look forward to meeting you!


*Individual results may vary; not a guarantee.


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