Acne scars and sun damage are two things everyone can live without. Unfortunately, these problems, along with wrinklesenlarged pores, and other skin issues arise more frequently as we get older. If you’re eager to rejuvenate your skin and return to a natural state of beauty, our microneedling treatment might be exactly what you’re looking for! If you long to have youthful, clear skin, we welcome you to visit our Twin Falls, ID medical spa for a FREE consultation.

What Does Microneedling Address?

The main purpose of this treatment is to encourage collagen production. When the sterile needles of our dermaroller are rolled against your skin, they create tiny punctures and encourage your body to heal itself. Similar to fractional laser treatments, microneedling can be an effective way of creating a more uniform texture. Best of all, microneedling doesn’t cause any downtime!

Some of our most popular concerns treated by this method include:

Post-Care Instructions

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Microneedling is a special form of skin therapy that involves puncturing your skin using tiny sterile needles. This commonly used treatment is designed to offer natural relief from acne scarring, collagen loss, sun damage, and much more. It has also been shown to provide great success as a cellulite treatment. Moreover, when used on the scalp, microneedling can stimulate hair follicles and encourage stronger hair to grow.
A dermaroller works by encouraging your skin to make more collagen. The pinpricks created by the sterile needles embedded in this small, handheld tool cause slight injury to the skin. After your skin is injured, your body responds by making new collagen-rich tissue. The new skin tissue produced is more even in tone and texture. An added benefit of this treatment is that it facilitates the absorption of serums, creams, and plasma.
Microneedling procedures require no downtime, but some redness and swelling may be felt for up to four days after your visit. Throughout that time, we recommend you avoid direct sunlight as much as possible for at least 10 days as your skin will be hypersensitive. Alcohol-based skin products may not be used for 14 days after treatment, as they could cause irritation. Likewise, makeup may not be worn for at least 12 hours after your visit.

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