The sun is a double-edged sword. The Vitamin D that the sun’s rays provide can be great for your health and your mood. However, the ultraviolet radiation that comes with it can be very damaging to your skin, leading to more sun spots, dry skin, and other skin imperfections, especially as you age. If you’ve noticed hyperpigmentation, blemishes, or other skin issues that you believe are related to sun damage, Fresh Aesthetics has the skin rejuvenation techniques to help.


How Does Sun Damage Occur?

UVA ultraviolet rays can penetrate deeply into the skin, and over time, accelerate skin aging and create sun spots. UVB rays have shorter wavelengths but can burn the top layer of skin, causing serious damage and potentially leading to conditions like melanoma. This is why it is very important to use high SPF sunscreen and wear protective clothing whenever you go out in direct sunlight.

What Are the Signs of Sun Damage?

Sun-damaged skin can present in a number of ways, including brown spots, rough skin, dry skin, and wrinkles. The older you get and the more sun you have been exposed to, the more likely you are to see these manifestations of sun damage.

Sun Damage Treatment Options

We have a number of options to treat your sun damage and restore your skin to a younger, more even-toned, and textured look. These may include:

Photo of a woman with sun damage on her face

Sun Damage Consultation in Twin Falls, ID

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