Some of the most telltale signs of aging are the wrinkles and fine lines that develop on the face. Even if you are blessed with good skin, sooner or later, those crow’s feet, frown lines, forehead lines, and other wrinkles start to appear. The quest for how to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines is ongoing,  but in many ways, we are winning the battle. We have a wide range of solutions to help restore smoother, more supple, glowing skin. To learn more, be sure to book your consultation today!


How Do Wrinkles and Fine Lines Occur?

Substances in our body called collagen and elastin form a mesh network deep within our skin tissue that helps our skin stay firm and resilient. These fibers are what allow our skin to “snap back” to a smooth look after our facial muscles repeatedly pull and twist it. Sadly, once we hit 30, collagen and elastin production starts to decline dramatically, leaving us with sagging skin and wrinkles.

What Do They Look Like?

The effects of collagen and elastin loss may be seen as crow’s feet, those tiny lines around the corners of the eyes, forehead lines, pronounced nasolabial folds, lines on your brow between your eyes (sometimes called “the Eleven”), and sagging skin around the eyes, cheeks, and neck.

Wrinkles and Fine Lines Treatment Options

We offer a range of treatments designed to address wrinkles and fine lines. Our treatments are individualized based on specific patient needs. We understand that your concerns are unique to you and require personalized attention. We invite you to book a consultation today and explore all of the ways we can help you restore the beauty of your skin. Some of the most commonly requested treatments we offer include:

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Wrinkles and Fine Lines Consultations in Twin Falls, ID

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